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Just a note on life.

So much has changed for me in as little as a couple years, most importantly at this age and for the future is my health. I still believe that depression can be an illness, and as hard as it is to fight off it is possible to overcome it most days. I’ll still inexplicably become sad, but meeting other people like myself and especially through the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed a lot for me. Through it I’ve acquired so much patience, rationality in decisions and honestly less of an inclination to get drunk. Mostly though, even when I started going to the gym, I had relied on starving myself in order to see results in weight loss. That had been successful, but almost everyday I was feeling faint, I had little energy and staring at myself in the mirror scrutinizing as well as scrutinizing my successes and failures was deteriorating me on the inside and out.
What I mostly realized from all of this though was I had always grown up feeling a lack of control in my world, and most people do, everyone just handles it differently and in my case similarly as many other people are plagued with similar diseases. Once I started BJJ, I slowly began to care less about how much I was eating due to the workout, and eating healthy overall yet not starving myself was what was important. I wanted to become strong, gain muscle, and acquire a skill that is applicable in a lot of my life. It gives one confidence to know that they can defend themselves, and if I’m not built like a dainty lady that sort of insignificant sacrifice is nothing compared to being strong. I love this.


Salvador Dali ~ "Apparition of Face and Vase on a Beach"


Salvador Dali ~ "Apparition of Face and Vase on a Beach"